Makeup For You,24 brushes set.

Are budget brushes good enough?

Okay, now I don’t do review thing much, but after a few requests I gave it a thought, and said to myself “why not” .So, here I am writing my first blog(review).

I am on budget nowadays. Earlier, every time  while buying a high end makeup product I always used to ask myself, “is it necessary to buy something this expensive, are high end things always good?”. Finally, I decided to find the answer,and last week surfing through Amazon, in search of makeup brushes, I came across this “MAKEUP FOR YOU BRUSHES – 24 brushes set with Black Leather case”. 

A 4.4 rating and number of brushes caught my eye, honestly, though I was still little muddled about buying the product. Despite of such high rating I was still perplexed that how something so cheap (and that too makeup stuff) could be so good. In the end I just placed the order, that was the only way to find out that how could it be.

Product Details on amazon:

“24 Pieces Professional Cosmetic Makeup Brush Set Kit · 100% Brand new and come with soft leather bag · 24 brushes for different functions. · High hair density suitable for powder and minerals makeup · Soft hair and comfortable for use, perfect for both studio and personal use. · All brushes come with plastic wraps.”

Price : 1099/-

I bought it for : 825/-

Though originally this product costs 1099/- but presently it is listed on Amazon for 825/- only which includes delivery charges as it is fulfilled by Amazon itself.

Within 4 days I received the product.

Product Details:

I was pretty overwhelmed to receive it. The first thing you note about it the Leather Case, it is actually Leatherette and not Leather, but it is nice and I am OK with it ( I wasn’t expecting a leather bag in that money anyway). Bag has two inner flaps and small pockets for securing brushes, and two thin belts outside to secure the bag itself.

It actually has “24” brushes :D, it is all in one bag, if own this then I don’t think you will need to buy another brush set.

On Amazon there was a list of Brush with numberand brush job which I did not find in my bag 😦 But….But…On every brush ..brush job is printed. On foundation brush..Foundation is printed..on Lip Brush..Lip Brush is printed and so on…So it is pretty good for new brush users like me (yeah! I used to put makeup with my fingers earlier, no kidding 😀 ).

I found brushes to be really nice and soft, as mentioned on Amazon by seller and other buyers, though brush fiber details are no where mentioned, but I am just fine with that. They have nice and sturdy wooden handle, which is you will find generally in high end brushes. Besides being nice and soft, bristles are very well shaped and are even.

To find out work capability of brushes, I applied foundation on my hand with the help of the foundation brush, and to my surprise it blended pretty well (just like my makeup artists MAC brush). Trust me no lines or brush hair fall off on hand!

P.S: After this review I also tried eye-shadow brushes, and they too  were quite satisfying.

So coming to the conclusion 


  1. Brushes are exactly as mentioned and showed online
  2. Really soft and easy to use
  3. Brush use is mentioned on each and every brush
  4. No hair fall off
  5. Affordable (24 pcs- you wont get this quality anywhere
  6. Comes with a leatherette case
  7. Really good especially for beginners like me who are reluctant in buying expensive makeup brushes


None that I found 🙂 .


♥♥♥♥:* (4.5)

And,Yes! I will recommend it to all the beauties who wish to buy makeup brushes. Give this product a try and you will love it. In 1K you will no where get such nice 24 pc makeup bush set.

Those interested in buying can check the link below

.Amazon- Makeup for you 24 pcs brush set

Love :*




4 thoughts on “Makeup For You,24 brushes set.

  1. I totally put makeup on with my fingers! lol I should invest in a makeup brush kit like this. I just wanted you to know as a helpful tip that I couldn’t see any of your photos.


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