☼ Summer Ready : Makeup Kit Essentials

Keeping your skin and your makeup “Summer” ready is of course very “Essential”.

6-starfish-seashells-beach-sand-wallpaper Nobody wants to look like a cake of foundation at workplace or any social event. In my younger days I was not very good at doing makeup but I had a good sense of makeup. Always hated Aunties at social evenings/weddings/family functions wearing wrong colour foundation and everything from face dripping down in sweat !

Wearing right makeup in accordance with weather is very quintessential.

Following should always be in your makeup bag if you want to be summer ready:

  1. Sunscreen : Never… ever… ever! leave the house without applying sunscreen. Apparently tanning prevention is not its only job, it decreases the risk of skin cancer (no kidding, ask docs) and also stops premature aging of skin and maintains even skin  tone. Gosh! Lotus, Lakme, Ayur, VLCC are some brands to name who sell good sunscreens in India. Use any which suits your skin.
  2. Gel Moisturizer :  Many people have in mind that if they will not moisturize their skin will not produce any oil, however it is quite opposite the more you keep your face hydrated the less oil it will produce. Therefore always  keep your face hydrated by applying light weight moisturizer or gel moisturizer.
  3. Powder: Try to skip your favourite foundation on a hot and humid summery day and use a powder compact instead, if you cannot avoid wearing foundation then top it with a nice compact or translucent powder. Powder mattifies the face and keeps it oil and shine free, increases the staying power of foundation .
  4. Bronzer: Skip blush in summers or use neutral and coral shades, but don’t skip a bronzer. Bronzer will give your face chiseled look making it summer fit.  😉
  5. Mascara: On hot mornings I don’t use kohl ! Come what may, be it smudge proof, waterproof, I just cannot bear the weight of liners and kohls on my eyes, i might apply a dash of liner in evening (if not wearing some heavy makeup) but for morning I’ll always go for waterproof and smudge proof mascara. It will not only eliminate  use of liner but will give definition to my eyes and make them look big, bright, and fuller.
  6. Gloss:  Yes ! Gloss, though I love bold and bright lipsticks for summer but I also keep gloss in my makeup bag. Gloss prevent lips from dehydrating in summer, so it is equally important for me.

So keep your makeup bag summer ready with these 5 essentials things 🙂


Kiss Beauty Highlighter and Contour Palette

Okay! Continuing my “Budget Shopping Carnival” I bought and contour and highlight palette by Kiss Beauty, Professional 3 in 1 Brightener, Concealer, and Highlighter.IMG_0706 copy

I am honestly not a contour person, reason, I don’t know contouring, I can make and find contours on Maps only :P. Jokes apart, YouTube is nowadays flooded with all these highlighting and contouring videos, and these videos are pretty tempting. After watching like 5 -6 tutorial videos I was determined and high enough to learn contouring, for which I needed a contour. Next day I went to nearest shopping store, but disappointed to find no such palette available in my town (one of the side effects of marrying a defence officer, you go to remote places  ..huh!). I started looking for product online and realized two things:

  1. These palettes are not easily available in my country, India.
  2. If they are, then they are expensive, and new practitioners like me cannot afford to burn hole in our pockets just for learning process. *sob sob*

Finally, I saw a product, and it’s ratings were good enough. Though I had never herd of the company before but a good rating and cheap price were win win for me and finally bought the product.


Rs.435/- for 8 shades, I bought it on sale for 325/- 🙂 (but box says 599/- fishy!)


New Kiss Beauty (I swear I never heard that name before) Highlight and Contour Concealer Palette (8 Shades), since the product is fulfilled by Amazon itself I received it within 4 working days.IMG_0709

Appearance is ok-ok, it comes in a low quality plastic box, you drop it once it’s gone. Palette smells good though.IMG_0708 copy

IMG_0707 copy
Ingredients and other details

Moving on to the texture  and shades. There are 8 shades, but two of them look like other two, and when I swatched them on arm….ugh! I was highly disappointed. 4 Shades are almost alike, and that’s not the only problem with the palette. Minus those 4 shades, browns of the set have pinkish undertone, now that’s worse, it looks so funny after blending, as if I mixed my brown eyeshadow with pink blush and used it and contour. The texture too is not at flattering, these creamy colours are so difficult to blend. Wait! that’s not the end, I have visible line under my eyes, rather than concealing my lines, it makes them more visible, no matter how you blend it or how you settle it nothing helps. Further, this product dries your skin.

IMG_0710 copy


I have no idea how people have rated it so well. Coverage, let’s not talk about it.

No pro and con for this product.

For those who want to learn and play can buy this, for rest I wouldn’t recommend this product.

Lesson Learnt:
  1. Budget shopping is not always happy happy
  2. Don’t buy products just on the basis of online rating, research and talk to people and spend a little extra if you have to.

No rating for this one 🙂