I am Aprajita, the Girl in Black Camisole, black camisole because I love wearing black camisole. 😛img_20160909_155054

♥ Engineer by mistake, Proud Army Brat, Coast Guard Wife, Thinker, Nature Lover, Animal Lover, Photographer, Makeup addict,You-tuber, and Blogger.

♥ Since I was a kid I have always been hearing that, makeup and beauty are not for plump  aka fat people. Whenever I did my makeup or wore something nice I was always complemented, but at same time I was told that since I am fat my makeup or dress would have looked better  on me if I were slim. But trust me I always liked myself, I felt beautiful from inside, and that is what I believe in.

♥  So, I decided to combine 2 of my loves Love for Makeup and Love for Camera, and make something out of it which would help me in breaking some stereotypes.

♥Makeup♥ + ♥Fat♥ + ♥Camera♥ = Girl In Black Camisole

♣ Love yourself, Stay Body Positive, and Spread love and Happiness.